The beaches of Martinique

Martinique is full of very beautiful beaches spread from north to south of the island. Although it has many other assets, the majority of visitors come mainly to enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Martinique.

A car is absolutely essential to fully appreciate the diversity of Martinican beaches. Some take advantage of white coral sand, others of black volcanic sand, the majority melts in front of a lagoon of turquoise water. Some beaches in Martinique, particularly suitable for young children, benefit from a calm and shallow sea, others on the contrary welcome waves, sometimes big and accompanied by currents, which could delight surfers and other bodyboarders.

The best beaches in Martinique

It is not a question here of establishing a classification of the beaches of Martinique (it would be in our opinion very presumptuous) but rather of indicating the beaches not to be missed.

Anse Trabaud

Located on the south Atlantic coast, it is not the best known of Martinique's beaches, but it is nevertheless our favorite! With a length of about 2km, the beach is quite wild. It does not host a restaurant, bar, snack bar or beach vendor… It is best to come with a picnic! It is shaded with several pitches separated from each other where each family or group can settle down for the day.

The sea is very beautiful, rather turquoise, and quite often welcomes waves, not too big at the edge, more at 50-100m from the edge.

Significant advantage: The beach is very little frequented during the week! It requires a 20 minutes of track drive (4X4 not essential) to reach it

Anse Michel-Cap Chevalier

Also located on the south Atlantic coast of the island, Anse Michel beach is very popular with families and young children: Calm, shallow and turquoise water lagoon lined with coconut palms providing much appreciated shade in our tropical climate !

This beach in Martinique is also very popular with kitesurfers who take advantage of the lagoon.

Diamond beach - Plage du Diamant

Long white sand beach lined with coconut palms and resin trees, it is undeniably one of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique! With its 4 kilometers in length, it is never crowded. From the beach, the view of the Diamond Rock is magnificent!

Diamant beach is not suitable for swimming for young children, it often hosts waves and current

Grande Anse d'Arlet

White sand again! Another turquoise water! Another water at 27°-30°C! In addition, from this beach, you will most likely be able to observe sea turtles. It is best to come in the morning for the turtles. The beach lacks a bit of shade.

Les Salines beach - Plage des Salines

It is the most famous beach in Martinique, we had to talk about it! It is true that it is very beautiful, it has all the characteristics of the postcard of the beaches of Martinique. White sand, turquoise water, coconut trees leaning over the sea, view of Diamond Rock in the distance... Don't forget the souvenir photo on the coconut tree with the sunset behind Diamond Rock ;-)

Anse Noire

It is one of the smallest beaches in Martinique, almost a cove. It is the only black sand beach in the south of the island. The strong point of Anse Noire is more in the water than on the beach. The seabed is very pretty and populated by many tropical fish. It is also a beach where you can observe turtles.

Anse Couleuvre

At the very north of the Caribbean coast of Martinique, the beach of Anse Couleuvre is worth the detour. The black sand beach is lined with cliffs and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. It is particularly for the density and diversity of tropical plants that we recommend this northern beach. A walk of about 2 hours to the Couleuvre waterfall will allow you to appreciate its richness.

The beach itself often welcomes surfers who take advantage of the northern swell.

Anse Meunier – Anse Moustique

In the Caribbean south of the island, in the town of Sainte Anne, it is a bit like the Salines beach with fewer people. Calm, turquoise water, white sand, view of Diamond Rock. It is also, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique.

To take advantage of all these beaches, we invite you to consult our proposals of villa rentals in Martinique