Le rocher du Diamant
La plage du Diamant
Depuis la plage
Coucher de Soleil sur le Morne Larcher
La plage du Diamant
Matin nuageux à la plage du Diamant
La Plage du Diamant

Anse Diamant beach

Le Diamant

Surrounded by the hills of Mornes Larcher and Clochette, lined with shady underbrush, the beach of the Diamant is simply amazing ! White sand, picnic tables in the shade of coconut palms it's possible to hang hammocks, view of the Diamant rock, large enough to never feel too close of each others. A real joy !

There is no restaurant, no beach bar, no shops and no hotel ....
Sometimes the big sea scrolls in front of the beach are great fun for those who like to dive in the waves, as well for the surf or body boarder. However, the current is often strong. Be careful when swimming, especially with children.
Nearby, of Anse Dizac beach and Anse Cafard beach are also very pleasant, but the strong currents are also dangerous.