Le rocher du Diamant
La plage du Diamant
Depuis la plage
Coucher de Soleil sur le Morne Larcher
La plage du Diamant
Matin nuageux à la plage du Diamant
La Plage du Diamant

Anse Diamant beach

Le Diamant

The Diamant beach : Pictures and description

The Diamant Beach is a very famous beach in Martinique which is located in the commune of the Diamant. Surrounded by the Larcher and Clochette hills, lined with shady undergrowth, the Diamant beach is simply magnificent!

White sand, picnic tables in the shade of coconut trees (you can hang hammocks), view of the Diamond Rock, a beach large enough that you never feel the crowds.... A real joy ! Apart from the tow of the Diamant, on the south side of the beach, there is only one restaurant, no refreshment bar, no store, no hotel....

The sometimes large rollers that unfold in front of the beach are fun for those who like to dive into the waves, as well as for surfers or body boarders. However, the current is sometimes a little strong. You have to be vigilant when the waves are big, especially with children.

To the north of the beach, towards the Diamant rock and the Morne Larcher, there are sometimes sargassum strandings, mainly when the wind turns to the south (which happens quite rarely). In this case, the algae is quickly collected. Nearby, Anse Cafard is also very pleasant. Continuing a little towards the north of the Diamant beach, towards the Anses d'Arlet, don't miss the slave memorial and especially the view of Diamant rock.

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