Villa rentals at Le Diamant selected by Antilles Exception

The town of Le Diamant has an undeniable reputation thanks to its famous rock of the same name. You can discover in this region a mixture of history, traditions and tourist effervescence ... Being located on the Caribbean coast Le Diamant offers a discovery of the magnificent landscapes of the flower island (nickname of Martinique), with for example one of the most large beach of Martinique 3km long lined with coconut trees and small restaurants by the sea.

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Choose a villa rental at Le Diamant Martinique, and enjoy the island to the rhythm of the French West Indies. The villas are in a unique environment on the bay, some enjoy a sea view and on the rock of Le Diamant, breathtaking.

Whether luxury villa 5 suns with swimming pool or a small charming house, the house rentals at Le Diamant selected by Antilles Exception are very varied and appreciated by the travelers thanks to its privileged environment. Enjoy the beach at Anse Diamant to spend some time under the Martinique sun and enjoy the atmosphere on the beach.

The activities at Le Diamant

With a villa rental located at Le Diamant, you can also enjoy activities nearby. The environment being in a tropical vegetation, the road to Le Diamant already invites to the escape by proposing magnificent panoramas. On the road, you can stop at several historic places like the memorial "Memory and Fraternity" which is above the Anse Cafard and pays tribute to the sinking of a slave ship of the nineteenth century. A little further in the direction of Anses d'Arlets, on the tip of the town, discover the history of La maison du Bagnard (the house of the convict), a small house built in the 50s by a prisoner of of Guyana. Discover also the history of Le Diamant Rock previously inhabited by the English ...

For those attracted by the sea, a shell museum is a nice visit where many species are represented. The diving near Le Diamant Rock is also a popular sport for its caves and the diversity of species encountered: fish, rays, turtles ... a magical place for experienced divers.

Le Diamant villa rentals in Martinique are often in great demand. We advise you to book several months in advance, especially for large villas during periods of strong influence.

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