Selection of Guadeloupe vacation rentals and Guadeloupe villa rentals

Guadeloupe is an essential island of the French West Indies for your holidays in the tropics! A variety of vacation rentals in Guadeloupe is available on our website, from Bungalow to luxury villa rentals in Guadeloupe. Take advantage of rentals in Guadeloupe, for an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones. Villa rentals in Guadeloupe allow to spend pleasant and friendly holidays in a privileged environment.

Guadeloupe villa rentals: A wide choice of houses and villas

With both wings, Basse Terre and Grande Terre, Papillon Island (the nickname of Guadeloupe) enjoys very different landscapes. Lush forests, steep cliffs, long sandy beaches or fields of sugar cane as far as the eye can see, you can easily choose the location of the vacation rental in Guadeloupe of your dreams.

Our range of vacation rentals in Guadeloupe is extended to match all: luxury villa rental, creole house, villa with pool, luxury house or charming villa, they are scattered throughout the territory and the various municipalities of the island.

Discover our house rentals with swimming pool by town:

Villa rentals Deshaies Guadeloupe

Villa rentals Le Gosier Guadeloupe

Villa rentals Sainte Anne Guadeloupe

Villa rentals Le Moule Guadeloupe

Villa rentals Pointe Noire Guadeloupe

Villa rentals Saint François Guadeloupe

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Guadeloupe villa rental: How to choose your vacation rental?

How to choose a home or a villa to be sure to spend an exceptional holiday in Guadeloupe?

Several elements must be taken into consideration:

First of all the number of participants in the trip and the number of rooms needed. We offer a wide range of possibilities, from 2-bedroom villas to 7-bedroom villas, and the majority of our vacation rentals in Guadeloupe are pool villas.

Where is the best place to rent a villa in Guadeloupe?

Villa rental in Basse Terre

The location is also important: As indicated above, Basse Terre benefits from much more relief inviting walks and hikes in the tropical forest. The relief also makes it easier to find a vacation rental in Guadeloupe with a sea view! There are fewer beaches on Basse Terre than on Grande Terre, but the seabed is generally richer and the beaches are also magnificent!

Villa rental in Grande Terre

Grande Terre has many beaches, each more beautiful than the next. We offer house rentals on the beach in this part of Guadeloupe.

Choose a villa in Guadeloupe according to your tastes and budget

The decoration and the standing of the villa also count... and we don't all have the same tastes! The villa rental in Guadeloupe covers a wide range: Luxury villa in Guadeloupe with very neat equipment and decoration, modern villa, rental of a Creole home, villa with a more ethnic decoration...

Finally, the budget can be important. Between a bungalow in Guadeloupe (range that we offer little), an apartment in Guadeloupe or a Guadeloupe luxury villa rental, everyone can do according to their means.

Carefully selected vacation rentals to guarantee you a peaceful holiday

Each vacation rental in Guadeloupe presented on our web site has been visited by a member of the Antilles Exception team. The team can guarantee the quality of each house rental in Guadeloupe, each villa rental with pool, each apartment with sea view, each luxury villa rental! We are committed to providing a comprehensive description of the accommodations on the web site, with the details of each vacation rental, the description of each room, the proposed activities nearby, a precise geolocation of the house, many photos ...

Whether you prefer a relaxing holiday in a quiet place or a lively holiday in a house rental close to many tourist activities, you will find your rental in Guadeloupe for your holidays on our site.

Villa with or without swimming pool?

Of course, a rental in Guadeloupe with a swimming pool makes us all dream, it is a real advantage to fully enjoy the rental of a house. In the case of a stay between adults or in any case with people who know how to swim, a house with a swimming pool is very suitable and a source of pleasure. A villa with a swimming pool can also be a very good choice with young children who usually love to cool off in the water. In this case, security becomes important. It therefore seems preferable to us to select a vacation rental with a swimming pool equipped with a barrier or a safety net. An infrared fence alarm is also very effective.

Why choose a villa rental?

The rental offer in Guadeloupe is diversified:

First of all, there is the collective accommodation: These often benefit from more complete services than what you could find in a vacation rental in Guadeloupe: catering, regular cleaning, daily change of sheets; There are also sometimes proposals for entertainment or sports activities, both land and sea. They also sometimes allow you to meet other holidaymakers. On the other hand, infrastructures such as swimming pools or restaurant areas are also collective.

Private rentals in Guadeloupe: Villa rentals in Guadeloupe has all the advantage of being privatized. A home or villa rental is a personal space, only you, your friends, your family benefit from it. The swimming pool, the common areas are reserved for you. You also benefit from more autonomy: The bar, the kitchen or the swimming pool are never closed! You enjoy your rental in Guadeloupe as you wish, at the pace you wish.

Do not hesitate to seek help from our destination travel specialists.

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