Caribbean specialist and based on the spot, Antilles Exception collaborates closely with the majority of the hotels of the caribbean. Our team of travel consultants is 100% based in the islands and knows the Caribbean very well. The team will help you to make a success of your holidays in the Caribbean according to your wishes. Our range is extensive: luxury hotel, boutique hotel, business hotel, 4-star hotel, 3-star hotel, hotel on the beach ... Each has its holiday style in the Caribbean, each its ideal Caribbean hotel!

If you already know your destination, you can directly access the corresponding offers:

Antilles Exception also offers many villa and house rentals in the West Indies.

Compose your customized stay "Hotel + Car" for your Caribbean vacation

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Travel Agency, Antilles Exception offers packaged stays at negotiated rates for your holidays.

Thanks to agreements with the main airlines serving the Caribbean from overseas, take advantage of our airline tickets at attractive rates. We also work with many car rental companies and here too, you can take advantage of our negotiated rates. So, for your holidays in the caribbean, do not hesitate to ask us, we will do the necessary to create with you your tailor-made trip.

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