Travel agencies

The rental of apartments and villas in the Caribbean is now the mode of accommodation selected by more than 40% of visitors to our islands.

This is a great opportunity for travel agencies!

The proportion of tenants going through portals "from Individuals to Individuals" decreases ... because the guarantees of qualities are weak or non-existent and that the portal perceives in most cases a commission of the order of 10% at the expense of the customer.

Tenants are increasingly appreciative of the guarantees that professionals bring (financial, quality and pre- and post-sale service), while remaining competitive.

We are incoming agents - Tour Operator guaranteeing the quality of the service provided. We have visited all of the accommodations offered and we only sell to our partners the accommodations already experienced with our direct clients. In addition, we are there to react in case of need.

You benefit from a commission on the homeowner tariff, which allows you to remain competitive.

To request us, you can contact us by email or send us a quote request via our website stating that you are a travel agent

Some numbers :
● 2 agencies: one in Rivière Salée in Martinique, one in Sainte Anne in Guadeloupe
● 10 years of existence
● 10 employees
● 500 villas (spread over Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Martin, St Barts and the Dominican Republic),
● Customer satisfaction rate: 95%