About us

Who are we?

As a Tour Operator specializing in seasonal property rental, we select with great care the villas and luxury apartments that we propose to our customers so that they experience authentic and quality vacations. Thanks to the partnerships we have put in place, we compose and propose to our customers "packages" including: accommodation, car rental, ground transportation, home catering, on-site assistance.

Today, we propose rentals in Martinique, the islands of Guadeloupe, St Martin, St Barts and the Dominican Republic

Our philosophy

From the beginning, the objective of Antilles Exception has been to bring full satisfaction to its customers:

• Select quality vacation rentals

• Provide reliable and verified advice and information

• During the stay, stay responsive when asked for information or solve unforeseen hazards or problems,

Thanks to a very focused customer-service, Antilles Exception has built a very good reputation both with its customers and with its partners in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Saint Barth and the Dominican Republic. Most of our client base are repeat-customers and/or recommend Antilles Exception to friends and family.

Our history

The story begins in autumn 2008 in Paris. The weather is gloomy and cool ... and it should not improve in the following months! Samy and Olivier discuss their respective vacations in the Caribbean. For Samy, it was sailing. Olivier had rented a small family villa on a site from individual to individual ... and the rental did not really correspond to the description!

Samy is experienced in the field of computing, Olivier, in the organization of travel. And since both love the sunshine and the warm sea, they decide to combine their skills to create Antilles Exception in Martinique.

• February 2009: Creation of Antilles Exception

• October 2009: The first customer of Antilles Exception arrives in Martinique

• April 2011: 1000th customer of Antilles Exception

• April 2014: 10,000th customer Antilles Exception

• August 2014: Opening of Antilles Exception in Guadeloupe

• March 2019 : 35,000th customer Antilles Exception

• May 2022 : 60,000th customer Antilles Exception

Our team

Today, Antilles Exception is composed of a dozen employees in the agencies of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Olivier Falise

Associate Director, he mainly deals with customer satisfaction and supplier relations

Samy Bonifacie

Associate Director, he mainly deals with our technical and technology tools

The team also consists of 2 agency managers, 5 travel consultants, 2 operational manager and 1 accountant