L'anse Meunier
L'anse Meunier
L'anse Meunier

Anse Meunier beach

Sainte Anne

Anse Meunier Beach Martinique : Pictures and description

The Anse Meunier is a very pretty, quiet beach and much less crowded than the nearby the Grande Anse des Salines. To access the Anse Meunier from our villa rentals in Martinique, take the D9 arriving from Sainte-Anne. You will see on your right a sign indicating Anse Moustique (that’s this beach). Then continue for around 2km and you will have arrived at your destination! Be careful, however, to drive slowly, as the road is quite bumpy.

Several hundred meters long, the beach is bordered by dense vegetation and faces crystal clear water. The environment is very pleasant because it is quite wild. It is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique.

From there, you can go to the Salines beach via the Trace des Caps, this coastal path running along the entire south coast of Martinique. The sunset from the beach can be magnificent with the Diamond Rock in the distance. The Anse Meunier beach is a rather family-friendly beach, the water is calm and children can swim there. However, the left part of the beach can be frequented at certain times by naturists.

Anse Meunier or Anse Moustique?

Please note, however, that Anse Meunier is also called Anse Moustique… And that’s not entirely a coincidence! Shortly before sunset, there is a general attack, strong enough to make you want to take refuge. But during the day, no problem.