Anse Couleuvre
Anse Couleuvre
Matin à l'Anse Couleuvre
Anse Couleuvre
Cocotiers à l'anse Couleuvre
Anse Couleuvre
Anse couleuvre

Anse Couleuvre beach

Le Prêcheur

Anse Couleuvre Le Prêcheur Martinique: Pictures et description

Anse Couleuvre beach, a solitary and still wild place in Martinique, is an essential destination for lovers of beaches, landscapes and outdoor activities. Nestled on the Caribbean coast, it offers a setting of tranquility, raw nature and adventure.
To get there, follow the road that runs along the Caribbean coast from Fort-de-France. You just have to continue straight until the end. The last few miles can be a bit steep, but the reward is worth it.

Anse Couleuvre beach is characterized by its fine gray sand, framed by imposing cliffs. This beach offers a magnificent landscape, perfect for relaxing moments under the Caribbean sun. Coconut trees line the coast, adding a tropical touch to this natural setting.

Experienced surfers are attracted to this beach because of its wave, renowned for its technicality. It offers unique sensations to snow sports enthusiasts. The surrounding seabed is rich in marine life, offering the opportunity for snorkeling. However, it is essential to remain vigilant against currents for a safe experience.

Near Anse Couleuvre, a 1.5 to 2 hour hike will take you to the Cascade Couleure, a 120 meter waterfall. The trail also allows you to discover the local fauna, notably Matoutous, a species of spider that can be observed in the trees. At the end of the afternoon, the light that bathes the beach gives this landscape a special atmosphere. This is a great time to take photos.

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