Tartane et la presqu'il de la Caravelle vue du ciel
Tartane vue du ciel
La presqu'il de la Caravelle vue du ciel
La presqu'ile de la Caravelle
Sur la presqu'ile de la Caravelle
Sur la presqu'il de la Caravelle
Le Phare de la Caravelle

La Trinité, Tartane and the Caravelle


Tartane Trinité Martinique: Pictures and description

The commune of La Trinité gives access to the sumptuous Caravelle peninsula, a point 12 km long and 900 m wide which sinks into the Atlantic and whose tormented coasts, punctuated by large bays to the south and small coves to the north will inevitably charm you.

At the foot of the peninsula, on the Atlantic coast, the commune of La Trinité is a long town with no particular attraction apart, perhaps, from its curious 18th century church topped with a minaret!

From there, a road takes you to the heart of the Caravelle peninsula and the pleasant village of Tartane. This small fishing hamlet has managed to retain its authenticity despite recent tourist development. Tartane is a peaceful place bordering a beach with calm waters protected by the coral reef. Picnic tables, showers, coconut trees on the beach: perfect for a stopover.

What activities to do in Tartane?

The road stops a few kilometers after Tartane, at the entrance to the magnificent regional natural park of the Caravelle peninsula. Two well-marked paths (for the small one, allow 1h30, for the large one, allow 3h30) allow you to discover the magnificent landscapes of the peninsula, the mangrove of the Baie du Trésor, the ruins of the Château Dubuc, the Caravelle lighthouse , the peaceful beauty of the southern coves contrasting with the wildness of the waves to the north, as well as the numerous birds (including some endemic to Martinique) having taken up residence in the park.

Remember that it is hot and night falls early in Martinique: Leave early, with water, hats and sunscreen. Very slightly northeast of Tartane, Anse l'Etang or Anse Bonneville have on the contrary been adopted by surfers enjoying the "strong and rolling" waves.

Finally, Tartane and the Caravelle peninsula bring together some of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique.

Where to stay in Trinity?

Few house rentals in Martinique are available near Trinité, Tartane and Caravelle. However, don't hesitate to look at our catalog to make your choice!

Practical infos

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Places to visit


  • Walks or hikes in the regional park of the peninsula of the Caravelle - visit the ruins of the castle Dubuc
  • Surfing at Anse l'Etang or Anse Bonneville