Sainte Luce et la Plage de Gros Raisin
Vue nocturne depuis le Bourg de Sainte Luce
Le Front de mer de Sainte Luce
L'église de Sainte Luce
Explication sur la foret de Montravail
La foret de Montravail
Vue depuis Trois Rivière - Commune de Sainte Luce

Sainte Luce

Sainte Luce

Sainte Luce Martinique: Pictures and description

Sainte Luce is a lovely fishing town bordered by numerous small white sand beaches. Its central location, facilitating access to the various tourist sites in the south of the island, has probably contributed to the recent rapid development of its quality hotel infrastructure.

The story

The pre-Columbian petroglyphs found in the Montravail forest testify to the occupation of the Arawaks well before the arrival of the first settlers in 1635. Settlers and Amerindians cohabited until the middle of the 17th century in the region. Sainte Luce was invaded and burned by the English in 1693 then destroyed by a cyclone almost 130 years later. Because of its fertility, it was first the Trois Rivières district that French settlers were interested in for the cultivation of sugar cane and, even today, the Trois Rivière distillery allows visitors to appreciate local customs… in moderation!

To the west of the town of Sainte Luce, the many welcoming beaches of Martinique such as Gros Raisins, Corps de Garde, Anse Pont café, Anse Fond Banane, Anse Désert or the little-crowded Anse Mabouya follow one another up to Trois Rivières. Corps de Garde beach is the liveliest in Sainte Luce and in addition to its water sports center, various facilities have been put in place: volleyball net, showers, refreshment bar, parking.

Where to stay in Sainte-Luce?

For around fifteen years, Sainte Luce has been the tourist town on the rise in Martinique. Several villa rentals in Martinique are available in Sainte Luce, in the heights of the town but also close to the sea, in the Pont Café or Moubins districts. The town has retained its authentic charm and the inhabitants have been able to put in place the best conditions for welcoming visitors.

Practical infos

Office du tourisme
Place de la Mairie
Tél : +596(0)5 96 62 57 85
Fax : +596(0)5 96 62 17 85

Places to visit

  • Distillery of the Tois Rivières  +596(0)5 96 62 51 78
  • Montravail Forest


  • Numerous nautical activities on the beaches of Corps de Garde and Pond Café