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Sainte Anne

Sainte Anne

Sainte-Anne Martinique: Pictures and Description

Benefitting from an idyllic environment for beach lovers straight out of a postcard, the municipality of Sainte Anne extends across the entire southern peninsula of Martinique. The numerous beaches, each more beautiful than the other, invite visitors to relax in hammocks under the coconut trees, gazing at the turquoise sea.


The municipality of Sainte-Anne owes its name to a Commander of the same name who was killed by the English in 1693 during conflicts over the possession of the island. The English fleet repeated their attacks multiple times until 1808.

Although Sainte-Anne is a particularly popular beach resort, the municipality has managed to maintain its authenticity. The town hall, the only one in France to fly a separatist flag, has been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development since 1989. This policy has likely contributed to preserving the charm of the town.

A Stations of the Cross starting from the church leads to a calvary, the site of an annual pilgrimage on September 19, attracting thousands of pilgrims. From the summit, the panorama of the Sainte-Anne peninsula, the Marin Bay, and in the distance, the "Rocher du Diamant" and the island of Saint Lucia, is stunning.

What Activities to Do in Sainte-Anne?

Sainte-Anne is the municipality with the most beaches in Martinique. All are lined with coconut trees and white sand. The Pointe Marin features a lovely, shaded beach near the Club Méditerranée. The clear and shallow water is suitable for family swimming.

To the south of the town of Sainte-Anne, the narrow beach of Anse Caritan marks the beginning of the "La Trace des Caps" hiking trail. This path covers the entire southern coves and points of the island, passing through the famous Salines Beach, often considered the most beautiful beach in Martinique and probably one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. It continues to the southern tip of the island before reaching the Savane des Pétrifications and the beautiful but somewhat wild and less shaded Anse Trabaud Beach, often battered by the waves.

Beyond that, up to Cap Ferré, you'll find one beautiful beach after another, lined with coconut trees or sea grapes. These wild beaches are not very crowded, except for a few windsurfers or kite surfers enjoying the trade winds.

Where to Stay in Sainte-Anne?

The municipality of Sainte-Anne offers a wide variety of villa rentals in Martinique. None are located directly on the beach, considering the environmental protection policy implemented since 1989. However, there are a few villas that provide walking access to the beach, especially near Pointe Marin Beach.

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  • Take a hammock, hang between two coconut palms then rest and enjoy the scenery. When it's too hot, think about dipping in the turquoise water…