Plage Grand Macabou - Martinique
Plage de Grand Macabou
Accès a Grand Macabou
Cheval sur Grand Macabou
Marche sur Grand Macabou

Anse Grand Macabou

Le Vauclin

Anse Grand Macabou beach Martinique : Pictures and description

Far from human hustle and bustle, the Anse Grand Macabou is a wild pearl among the beaches of Martinique. To get there, take the N6 from the town of the Vauclin. Then turn left at the sign indicating Petit Macabou. Continue until you see a ranch, where you will have to turn right. Continue straight for approximately 1km to arrive at your destination.

The Grand Macabou beach stretches for more than a kilometer, offering a magnificent natural setting. Its west orientation places it facing the Atlantic, welcoming the trade winds which blow on the ocean waves. on the coast. The ocean offers a dynamic spectacle, an incessant dance between land and sea. Don't hesitate to stop by the Chapel of the Virgin of the Sailors on the small hill to the right of the beach.

To complete this natural setting, large coconut trees and a few grape trees line the beach. Their foliage creates some shade and coolness, providing a welcome respite from the tropical sun.

On the small road that leads to the beach, you will find a ranch on the side. The opportunity to take a beautiful galloping walk on the Anse Grand Macabou

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