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Fond Banane
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Sainte Luce

Fond Banane Beach Sainte-Luce : Pictures and description 

The Anse Fond Banane is located along the road linking the town of Sainte-Luce to Trois-Rivières district, thus offering a location sheltered by natural vegetation. To get there, take the N5 coming from Rivière Salée and continue to Trois-Rivières (do not enter the town). Once you have passed Trois-Rivières, at the first roundabout, turn right, then left. The Fond Banane beach will be a little further on on your right, just before the Corps de Garde beach.

This beach is renowned for its natural beauty, with turquoise waters and coral white sand. Trees, such as grape and coconut palms, provide generous shade, offering the opportunity to hang a hammock to relax.

On the left part of the Anse Fond Banane, waves of around one meter are common, which can be appreciated by surfing enthusiasts. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, it is recommended to head towards the right end of the beach to avoid the currents, which are generally weak.

At the entrance to the Fond Banane beach you will find the "Aqua Grill" snack bar, a colorful and welcoming place that offers a selection of simple dishes, grills, drinks and ice creams. From time to time, at the end of the day, small concerts are organized to entertain visitors. If you are looking for this restaurant, you will discover it by taking the Sainte-Luce coastal road between the town and Trois Rivières. It is conveniently located about halfway, on a 90 degree turn across from the beach.

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