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Trois Rivières

Grande Anse beach Trois Rivières Guadeloupe

Grande Anse beach, located in the commune of Trois-Rivières in Guadeloupe, is a magnificent stretch of fine black sand. Offering a breathtaking view of the Saintes archipelago and the island of Dominica. To get there take the N1 from PETIT-BOURG then the D6 to the Maison du Planteur, the Beach will be on your left.

Grande Anse Beach is a privileged place for observing the nesting of leatherback and green turtles, as well as the moving spectacle of the eggs hatching and the rush of baby turtles towards the sea.

When swimming in Grande Anse, it is essential to exercise caution, as currents and rollers can make the sea rough. Indeed, this beach is also popular with surfers when it offers conditions conducive to waves.
Grande Anse beach is easily accessible, as it is visible from the road, making it easy to spot for visitors.

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Grande Anse beach is a true natural gem, offering unique fine black sand and an exceptional panorama of the marine surroundings. In addition to its visual beauty, it is a site of great environmental importance.

Whether you are a fan of scuba diving, surfing or simply looking for magnificent landscapes. Grande Anse Beach will meet various expectations. It embodies the natural beauty of Guadeloupe and an opportunity to discover its fascinating marine fauna.