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Trois Rivières

Trois Rivières

Trois-Rivières Basse Terre Guadeloupe: Travel Guide

The charming town of Trois-Rivières, located in the south of Basse-Terre, is a real historical gem. Its name evokes the three rivers which cross it, a particularity as fascinating as it is unusual the Grande Anse, the Petit Carbet, and the Trou du Chien.

Between Historical Heritage and Natural Adventures

This locality is full of remains testifying to its past, with pre-Columbian and architectural elements dating from the 300-400s.

The volcanic rocks that dot the region are decorated with more than 200 engravings, artistic testimony to a bygone era. Nestled near the majestic Soufrière volcano, Trois-Rivières offers visitors a gateway to exhilarating adventures in the heart of nature.

Hiking enthusiasts will delight in the numerous opportunities for walks in the surrounding lush tropical forest.

Seaside Pleasures and Embarkation Port in Trois-Rivières

Not far from there, Grande Anse beach, frequented more by local surfers than by tourists, stands out for the exceptional quality of its waves.

A privileged place for water sports enthusiasts looking for authentic sensations, not to be confused with Deshaies beach. Trois-Rivières also serves as a starting point for excursions to the Saintes archipelago and the island of Marie Galante, although the latter is a little further away. Despite its status as a rather discreet tourist destination, with the notable exception of its lively pier, the town only offers one villa rental in Trois-Rivières.

However, many other Guadeloupe rental options, particularly in Basse-Terre near Trois-Rivières, are available to travelers looking for an unforgettable experience. Explore this little-known pearl, soak up its history and discover the diversity of its natural treasures.

Practical infos

Tourist Office

3 Rue Gerville Réache 

Tél: 05 90 92 77 01 

Places to visit

  • Grande Anse beach and its panorama on the archipelago of Saintes
  • The town center of Trois Rivières


  • Visit the park "des roches gravées" (of engraved rocks)
  • Take the boat to the Saintes and Marie Galante
  • Discover the Museum of the Banana
  • The different walks along the rivers