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Trois Rivières

Trois Rivières

The commune of Trois-Rivières, located south of Basse Terre, is full of history. It owes its name to three rivers which are located on the commune.Elle has pre-Columbian and architectural remains.

You can take the boat at the pier to go on the archipelago of Saintes as well as on the island of Marie Galante.

The "Parc des Roches Gravées" presents vestiges of pre-Columbian civilization in a beautiful tropical garden.

It is close to the volcano of the Soufriere and many walks and walks in the rainforest.

Practical infos

Tourist Office

3 Rue Gerville Réache 

Tél: 05 90 92 77 01 

Places to visit

  • Grande Anse beach and its panorama on the archipelago of Saintes
  • The town center of Trois Rivières


  • Visit the park "des roches gravées" (of engraved rocks)
  • Take the boat to the Saintes and Marie Galante
  • Discover the Museum of the Banana
  • The different walks along the rivers