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Plum Bay beach

Terres Basses

Plum Bay St Martin : Pictures and description

Plum Bay Beach is situated in the Terres Basses region, at the southwestern tip of Saint Martin, positioned between Pointe du Canonnier and Falaise aux Oiseaux.

For visitors less acquainted with Terres Basses, finding your way to Plum Bay can be a bit tricky. Don't hesitate to seek directions from the locals or consult a map for effective navigation in the area.

Plum Bay particularly appeals to surfers and bodyboarding enthusiasts, especially when the sea is rough. The beach boasts a beautiful stretch of white sand bathed by clear, transparent waters. Experienced swimmers can venture to Pointe Plum and explore the rocky outcrops. This area offers a different perspective and the opportunity to discover a more rugged coastline.

For those passionate about diving, don your mask and snorkel to explore the captivating underwater world. Plum Bay offers a variety of marine species, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Near Plum Bay, you will discover excellent options for luxury villa rentals in Saint Martin. Several of them are ideally situated right by the sea, adding an extra dimension to the beach's attraction.