Mullet Bay
Mullet Bay lagon
Mullet Bay sable blanc

Mullet Bay beach


Mullet Bay Saint-Martin - Photos et description

Mullet Bay is a sandy beach located on the west coast of Saint Martin, renowned for its golden sand and turquoise water. It is among the most beautiful beaches in Saint Martin.

Visitors have the choice of renting a sunbed to relax and enjoy the sun or simply spreading their beach towel on the soft sand. The beach is surrounded by tropical vegetation, which provides shaded spots to escape the intensity of the sun when needed.

One of the unique features of Mullet Bay is the occasional presence of waves suitable for surfing. Some days, the beach becomes a true paradise for surfers, whether they are beginners or experts, seeking to enjoy thrilling waves. This adds a dynamic element to an otherwise tranquil environment.

Mullet Bay Beach is also in proximity to the 18-hole golf course, the only golf course on the island of Saint Martin. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf and then unwind on the beach.

For those seeking luxury villa rentals in Saint Martin, Terres Basses is the ideal location, conveniently close to Mullet Bay, allowing you to reach this beach within a short drive.