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Galion beach - Coconut Grove

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Le Galion beach - Coconut Grove St Martin: Photos et description

Coconut Grove called Le Galion in french is the most famous family beach on the island of St Martin. Locals like to go to this beach for parties.

It is located south of Orient Bay and also welcomes warm crystal clear water, shallow and protected from the swell thanks to the coral reef. It is the ideal beach for families with young children who are learning to swim. It is also probably one of the most beautiful beaches of St Martin.

Snorkeling enthusiasts can put on their mask and snorkel to observe the seabed.

The entrance to Coconut Bay attracts surfers and windsurfers when the waves are present

Other water activities are offered on the beach.

To get there from the St Martin vacation rentals , you will have to take the direction of Orient Bay then turn off on the small road "rue de la Coconut grove" towards the sea. It is also possible to go there walking from Orient Bay beach heading south.

This beach, sheltered from the swell thanks to the barrier of coral, invites to the bathe.

The sea is shallow and children can swim easily.

Snorkelers can put on their mask and snorkel to observe the seabed.

Other water sports are available on the beach.