Plage de Friar's Bay
Plage de Friar's Bay lagon
Plage de Friar's Bay sable blanc

Friar's bay beach


Friar’s Bay Marigot St Martin: Pictures et description

Friar's Bay, also known as the Anse des Pères, is situated in the north of Marigot on the island of Saint-Martin. This beach is sheltered from the waves and primarily appeals to families seeking a moment of relaxation by the seaside. It faces the island of Anguilla.

There are two beachfront restaurants in close proximity. Kali's restaurant, in particular, hosts special evening events during full moons, known as "full moon parties," adding a local touch to the culinary experience.

For travelers eager to explore the vicinity of Friar's Bay, a trail located to the north of the beach leads to Happy Bay. This pleasant walk takes about 10 minutes and allows visitors to discover another beautiful spot along the coast.

In summary, Friar's Bay is a family-friendly beach located in the northern part of Saint-Martin, near Marigot. It features two beachfront restaurants, including Kali's, which organizes full moon parties. Additionally, there is a trail leading to Happy Bay for those who wish to explore the area on foot.

Regarding accommodations, while Friar's Bay is among the most beautiful beaches on the island, most luxury villa rental in Saint-Martin are found near Orient Bay and Terres Basses.