Anse Marcel lagon
Anse Marcel beach bay
Anse Marcel sable blanc

Anse Marcel beach

Cul de Sac

Anse Marcel St Martin: Pictures and description

The Anse Marcel is a beach located in the northern part of the island, favored by families for its tranquil waters. It provides a bay protected from the wind, offering an environment conducive to children's swimming. The beach gently slopes towards the shallow and turquoise waters.

Prominent hotels and restaurants in the area provide sun loungers for visitor comfort. Anse Marcel also offers various water activities, with an on-site diving club for those interested in underwater exploration.

Access to the Anse Marcel from our luxury villa rental offers in Saint-Martin typically involves a 2 to 3-kilometer journey on a winding road that traverses the gentle hills surrounding the bay. This route also provides views of the beautiful gardens belonging to the hotels along the Anse Marcel.

The beach thus offers a pleasant setting for a day of relaxation in the northern part of Saint-Martin. With its calm waters and a range of amenities, it is a destination suitable for families and individuals seeking a peaceful beach experience.

The Anse Marcel offers a charming coastal environment to explore and enjoy.