Salines à Saint Barthélémy
Salines à Saint Barthélémy
Salines à Saint Barthélémy
Salines à Saint Barthélémy


Grande Saline

Saline is not only one of the most beautiful and authentic beaches of Saint-Barthélemy. Salines, is also a marsh, which bears witness to a page of the island's past and the lives of its inhabitants.

Between the village and the coast, visible from the path that leads to the beach, Saline is also home to an old salt marsh. It was here, until 1972, that salt was formerly mined. A meeting place for sea birds and freshwater birds. Tiny natural sculptures of salt are sometimes offered to the gaze of the passionate visitor. A parking lot has been set up at the end of the road to allow you to walk to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, the beach of Saline.

Practical infos

Places to visit

- The second largest beach in Saint-Barthélémy, after those of the Flamands
- A preserved coastline
- A unique ecosystem
- A salt marsh with its colorful pools of pink reflections
- The refuge of birds and several rare species that come to breed there


- Waves for bodyboarding
- Swimming: after passing the rollers
- Children: beware of big waves sometimes
- Hikes around the marsh
- Observation of birds and rare species