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Le Robert

Le Robert

Le Robert Martinique: Photos and Description

Le Robert faces one of the most beautiful bays in Martinique. Originally a village inhabited by farmers and fishermen, the municipality of Le Robert is now entirely oriented towards the sea. The coastal front of the municipality consists of two hilly points jutting out into the sea, Pointe Larose to the south and Pointe Jean-Claude to the north.


The parish of Le Robert was founded in 1694. Formerly, it was known as "Cul de Sac" due to the shape of its bay. In 1694, with the support of the governor at the time, Count Blénac, Father Rabat decided to establish the district as an independent parish.

Between 1790 and 1810, several significant events took place on the territory of Le Robert, including Rochambeau's victory over the royalist army at Vertepré in 1793 and the British landing under Admiral Cockrane, leading to the British occupation of the island in 1809.

Activities to do in Le Robert

The bay of Le Robert is also protected by white sandy bottoms, coral reefs, and a string of 10 islets that enhance its reputation: Ilet Madame, Ilet Boisseau, Rocher de la Grotte, Ilet au Rats, Ilet à Eaux, Ilet Petite Martinique, and more. Ilet Chancel, the largest in Martinique, is an interesting place as you can observe iguanas (iguana delicatissima, an endemic species of the Lesser Antilles) in their natural habitat.

Similar to Le François, you can go on an "islets and white sandy bottoms" excursion with fishermen, and there are far fewer crowds. The bay of Le Robert also houses a rich and colorful marine fauna and flora, perfect for diving and snorkeling.

Where to stay in Le Robert?

Through our comprehensive offering of Martinique house rentals, you can identify various houses and villas that may meet your expectations. One of the strengths of Le Robert is being roughly halfway between the beautiful beaches in the south and the tropical vegetation in the hills in the northern part of the island.

Practical infos

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Places to visit

  • Boat travel to the white bottoms with fishermens or kayak.