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Le François

Le François

Le François Martinique: Pictures and description

Located in the center of Martinique on the Atlantic coast, Le François is primarily a rural commune surrounded by sugarcane fields and banana plantations. However, Le François owes its fame to the shallow bay protected by a coral reef that faces it.


Le François is the third-largest commune on the island, covering more than 53 square kilometers. At the beginning of colonization, Le François was not the first choice of the French, as the coastline was inhospitable due to marshes and mosquitoes. However, in 1694, Father Labat founded a parish there...

Originally, the "békés" (Creole white settlers) used to escape the crowded beaches by taking a boat to the sandy shallows or islets in the bay on Sundays. There, in clear ankle-deep water, they would gather to discuss their affairs with a glass of punch in hand.

This tradition gradually democratized and became deeply rooted in the local culture. A day at "Fonds Blancs" or "La Baignoire de Joséphine" has become an absolute must. It's so popular that it gets crowded on weekends, so we recommend visiting during the week to fully enjoy these dreamy landscapes. One of the best ways to do this is to head to the nautical center early in the morning (around 9:00) and arrange with a fisherman to take you to the islet for the duration of your choice.

Activities in Le François

The bay of Le François is also a pleasant playground for water sports enthusiasts.

A little south of the town, don't miss a visit to Habitation Clément, one of the most beautiful estates in the Caribbean. It's one of the most visited sites on the island. The visit is paid, but it's free for children under 12. In a vast park filled with a palm grove (with over 60 species) and centuries-old trees (Tamarind trees, large branches, cursed fig trees, etc.), you will tour the renovated and period-furnished estate (18th century) as well as the distillery with its 10,000 oak barrels. Finally, the visit wouldn't be complete without a small tasting of aged rum!

Staying in Le François

Le François is a prime destination for luxury villa rentals in Martinique. Don't hesitate to browse our complete catalog for options!

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Boat trip to Fonds Blancs - Baignoire de Josephine