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Cap Macré beach : Pictures and description

A long and narrow, somewhat damaged road leads to the Cap Macré beach, offering the opportunity to traverse some stunning landscapes and viewpoints. One can't help but feel like they're heading to the end of the world! Upon arrival, the scenery is breathtaking.

In the distance, large waves crash against the coral reef. In the lagoon, the water is either deep blue or turquoise, depending on the underwater terrain. The expansive stretch of white sand descends relatively steeply into the sea.

The beach is bordered by a spacious shaded area where you can easily hang hammocks. A few wooden tables are also available. Fairly secluded, Cap Macré beach is not very crowded during the week. Just like with Cap Chevalier, the journey to get there is a bit long.

Anse Grosse Roche, halfway between Cap Macré and Cap Macabou, is even more remote and less frequented. It should be noted that it is only accessible on foot.

From our villa rentals in Martinique, despite the somewhat lengthy road, you can explore Cap Macré beach and its surroundings.