Anse Figuier vue du ciel
Anse Figuier vue du ciel
Anse Figuier
Anse Figuier
 Baignade non surveillée
Ecomusée de Martinique
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Anse Figuier beach

Rivière Pilote

Anse Figuier beach Martinique : Pictures and description 

The Anse Figuier beach is a large expanse of sand, surrounded by coconut trees and a large grassy area. The Anse Figuier is a popular beach in Martinique, and it stands out for its ease of access from the main road linking Sainte Luce and Le Marin. To find it, simply follow the road that leads to the Ecomuseum of Martinique. The beach is in front of.

The commune of Rivière Pilote took the initiative to develop the Anse figuier by providing visitors with various amenities, including children's play areas including a slide, swings, as well as picnic tables and Carbet shelters.

It offers a peaceful marine environment, conducive to relaxation, and its underwater depths present great diversity and notable beauty. There you will find colonies of various species of sea urchins, large shelled starfish, and schools of brightly colored tropical fish. For underwater exploration, it is recommended to bring a mask.

When you arrive at the Anse Figuier, a building attracts attention: the Martinique Ecomuseum. Formerly a distillery, the Ecomuseum of Martinique is a place where visitors can discover and explore the archaeological remains of the Caribbean era. These artifacts were discovered on the beach in 1992, providing information about the culture and lifestyle of the region's ancient inhabitants.

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