Le Moule
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Eglise du Moule

Le Moule

Le Moule

Le Moule Grande Terre Guadeloupe - Commune

Located on the Atlantic coast of Grande-Terre, the town of Le Moule remains a preserved place, subtly harmonizing its beaches popular with surfers, its rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as its relaxed atmosphere.

Beaches and Surfing in the town of Moule

Le Moule has oriented its tourist development around its beaches ideal for surfing. L'Autre Bord beach, located 1 km to the south, is a popular place for surfers, while Baie beach hosts an annual national surfing championship.

Heritage and Historical Heritage

Founded at the beginning of the 17th century, the city was originally a sugar port. Its name evokes the "mole", a defensive structure protecting the entrance to the port. The central square, lined with Creole wooden houses, offers an immersive dive into the town's past.

Le Moule is home to one of the last two active sugar refineries on the island, the Gardel sugar refinery, as well as a distillery producing one of Guadeloupe's most renowned rums. The old sugar cane plantations have given way to today's natural panoramas.

Active Life and Creole Culture

Active life and the richness of Creole culture intertwine in this lively city. The old wooden houses lining the central square bear witness to the unique charm of Le Moule.

Le Moule, preserved from excessive tourist hustle and bustle, offers a balanced experience between its captivating history. Take advantage of our Guadeloupe vacation rental offers and the exhilarating nautical pleasures added to relaxed daily life. This unique destination combines tranquility and authenticity, creating a distinctive atmosphere for those seeking a true immersion in Guadeloupean life.

Practical infos

Tourist office

Le Bourg
 Tél: 0590 23 89 03/23 09 00

Fax: 0590 23 03 58

Places to visit

  • The Zevallos'house, beautiful colonial house.
  • The Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, do a little tour in the city center!
  • Museum of Native American Prehistory Edgar-Clerc, dedicated to the history of Guadeloupe before its colonization. Free admission.
  • La Porte d'Enfer: wild beach, landscape of high cliffs to discover absolutely.


  • Visit the Damoiseau distillery and the Gardel sugar factory
  • Surfing, scuba diving, canoeing and many other nautical activities in the leisure park of l'Autre-Bord