Le Moule
Eglise du Moule
Eglise du Moule

Le Moule

Le Moule

Remaining sheltered from tourist fever, this port of the northeast of Grande-Terre develops its tourist activity around its beaches conducive to surfing. The municipality highlights its cultural and natural heritage.


Le Moule is one of the oldest cities in Guadeloupe. Indeed, the first constructions were built at the beginning of the XVIIth century. Formerly a sugar harbor, the commune derives its name from a masonry, the "mole" which at the time protected the entrance to the port.

The history of the Mussel is also reflected in sugarcane plantations. Today, the cane fields are numerous at Le Moule. The town has kept its agricultural vocation, it owns one of the last two sweets in activity of the island (Gardel) and even has a distillery manufacturer one of the most famous rums of Guadeloupe.

It is by walking around the central square that you will discover the old Creole wooden houses, in the heart of this active city where it is good to live.

The area is also famous for its enormous surfing waves. Nearby (1 km south), you can enjoy l'Autre-Bord beach. More to the north, the spot of the Bay beach welcomes each year a national championship of surf.

Practical infos

Tourist office

Le Bourg
 Tél: 0590 23 89 03/23 09 00

Fax: 0590 23 03 58

Places to visit

  • The Zevallos'house, beautiful colonial house.
  • The Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, do a little tour in the city center!
  • Museum of Native American Prehistory Edgar-Clerc, dedicated to the history of Guadeloupe before its colonization. Free admission.
  • La Porte d'Enfer: wild beach, landscape of high cliffs to discover absolutely.


  • Visit the Damoiseau distillery and the Gardel sugar factory
  • Surfing, scuba diving, canoeing and many other nautical activities in the leisure park of l'Autre-Bord