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Le Gosier

Le Gosier

Le Gosier Grande Terre Guadeloupe - Commune

Le Gosier: Between Tradition and Modernity

Located in the south of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, the commune of Gosier offers a captivating mix of local culture and modernity. Its name, borrowed from the species of pelican "Grand Gosier", recalls the ancient village which, only 50 years ago, was only a modest community. Today, Le Gosier has transformed into a thriving tourist destination, becoming the island's premier seaside resort.

A Place of Seaside Pleasures

Between Pointe-à-Pitre and Sainte-Anne, Le Gosier offers a diversity of captivating attractions. Its marina, lively with a myriad of restaurants, creates a vibrant atmosphere. A casino and an 800 m² aquarium add a touch of excitement, while the famous Pointe de la Verdure seduces with its club hotels bordering small artificial beaches. The region is also proud to host the famous Route du Rhum, a world-renowned maritime event.

Le Gosier, Epicenter of Guadeloupean Nightlife

As a residential area of ​​Pointe-à-Pitre, Le Gosier also shines in nightlife. With nine out of ten nightclubs throughout Guadeloupe, the region is the ideal place for dining and entertainment, offering a diverse palette of options to suit all tastes.

Beyond its sophisticated tourist infrastructures, the Gosier also reserves natural treasures. The islet of Gosier, opposite the town, attracts diving enthusiasts with its rich coral beds. Near the emblematic lighthouse, the picturesque beaches of Petit-Havre and Saint Félix offer unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Le Gosier, between its traditional heritage and its modern development, embodies the charm of Guadeloupe. Whether you are a history buff, a fan of vibrant nightlife, or a nature lover, this town offers a complete, harmonious and unforgettable experience. Welcome to Gosier, you can discover our Gosier Guadeloupe vacation rentals offers, where each corner reveals a new facet of Guadeloupean wealth.

Practical infos

Tourist office

67, Boulevard Général de Gaulle

Tél: 0590 84 88 87

Places to visit

  • L'islet du Gosier: a little corner of paradise
  • The Museum costumes and traditions: royal gallery which makes you discover the modes of clothing of the kings and queens of Antiquity
  • The beaches of Gosier: Petit-Havre, Saint-Félix, beach of Salines
  • The Strong Flower of the Sword, Grande-Terre's largest fortification, built in the 18th century


  • Lay down at the beach!
  • Dancing on the Cheyenne trail, a must-see nightclub in Guadeloupe!
  • Dive between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean