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Vieux Habitants

Vieux Habitants

Vieux Habitants Basse Terre Guadeloupe: Travel Guide

Nestled in the Côte Sous le Vent, Vieux-Habitants, the oldest commune in Guadeloupe founded in 1636, reveals a past rich in history. Its name, inherited from the name of the oldest settler, Nicolas Suyllart de la Ramée, attracts visitors curious to delve into Guadeloupe's cultural heritage. Explore the natural and cultural splendors that make this town famous.

Agricultural and Cultural Heritage of Vieux-Habitants

A former agricultural stronghold, Vieux-Habitants was famous for its crops of coffee, vanilla, tobacco, indigo, and cotton. These fertile lands have bequeathed an agricultural heritage of great importance.

The Saint Joseph church, built in the 18th century by workers from Limousin, remains the oldest church in Guadeloupe. Its bell tower with several roofs is intriguing and bears witness to the Creole architecture of the time.

Habitation La Grivelière, managed by the Association Verte Vallée and classified as a Historic Monument, opens its doors for an immersion in coffee history. Explore the coffee, cocoa, and vanilla plantations, as well as the master's house and slave huts during guided tours.

Rivers and Beaches of Vieux Habitants

Anse à la Barque, a magnificent bay protected by two lighthouses, offers a picturesque panorama. It is the ideal place for a contemplative getaway facing the Caribbean Sea.

The Duplessis River, winding through Vieux-Habitants, reveals rocks engraved by Native Americans, offering an immersion in the pre-Columbian past in the heart of lush nature.

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Vieux-Habitants, between its captivating historical past, its agricultural heritage, and its preserved natural wonders, invites you on a journey to the heart of authentic Guadeloupe. Explore this town full of emotions, where every corner tells a story and nature retains its authenticity. Some of our vacation rentals in Guadeloupe are based at Vieux-Habitants

Practical infos

Tourist office

29 Bld des Habissois souverains
Le Bourg

Tél: 05 90 98 33 43

Fax: 05 90 98 34 77

Places to visit

  • The church of Saint Joseph: first church of Guadeloupe with a bell tower with several roofs
  • The Anse à la Barque
  • The engraved rocks of the Duplessis River
  • Christmas Kakado, 1st Friday after the advent: traditional festival


  • Discover the history of coffee and taste it at L'Habitation la Grivelière and the Café Museum
  • Visit the plantations of bananas, coffee and vanilla at the Domaine de Vanibel