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Pointe Noire

Pointe Noire

Located on the west coast of Basse-Terre, Pointe Noire takes its name from the volcanic rocks that dot the town. Once one of the least accessible towns in the Guadeloupean archipelago, it has seen its connectivity improved with the construction of the road between Deshaies and Pointe Noire, as well as the famous Route de la Traversée, putting an end to its isolation.

Pointe Noire, renowned for being the city of wood artisans, reveals a rich cultural heritage. Come explore the history of wood, cocoa and ouassou (crayfish) in the heart of this welcoming community.

Culinary discoveries

Ideal for gastronomy lovers, Pointe Noire offers unique experiences. Enjoy a coffee at Caféière Beauséjour and explore the different flavors of chocolate at Maison du Cacao.

Visit the only ouassous hatchery in the Caribbean at the Aquaculture Park, with a table d'hôtes on Fridays and Sundays. Immerse yourself in the delicious local cuisine.

Heritage and tourist places in Pointe Noire

This house offers a dive into the history of Guadeloupe. With a Creole house, a woods and traditions area, a pirate area, a park, a children's play area, and an animal area, it is a pleasant place for the whole family.

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Tears, on the banks of a river, houses a beautiful open-air altar, linked to an apparition of the Virgin.

Explore the surrounding nature with the beautiful 10 meter high waterfall, Saut d’Acomat, very frequent on weekends (5 minutes walk).

To extend your stay, discover some house rental offers in Guadeloupe available in the town.

Pointe Noire, between its preserved nature, its wood craftsmanship and its rich cultural heritage, offers a complete experience to visitors. Come experience the authenticity of this town, where each room reveals a unique aspect of Guadeloupe.

Practical infos

Tourism office

Chemin Les Plaines

Tél: 05 90 99 92 43 

Places to visit

  • The sanctuary of
  • Le Saut d'Acomat and its beautiful pond
  • Anse Caraïbe beach, red sand beach
  • The Eiffel Bridge


  • Discover the local sweets at La Maison du Cacao and La Caféière Beauséjour
  • Observe the ouassous at Parc Aquacole
  • Learning the history of Guadeloupe at the "Habitation Cote Sous le Vent"