location villa à Petit bourg guadeloupe
location villa à Petit bourg guadeloupe
location villa à Petit bourg guadeloupe
location villa à Petit bourg guadeloupe
location villa à Petit bourg guadeloupe
location villa à Petit bourg guadeloupe

Petit Bourg

Petit Bourg

Petit-Bourg Basse Terre Guadeloupe: Travel Guide

The magnificent commune of Petit-Bourg, nestled on the east coast of Basse-Terre, between Baie-Mahault and Goyave, offers an ideal starting point for exploring the treasures of the Guadeloupe National Park, in particular the renowned Saut de la Crack. 

But what does this commune, the largest in Guadeloupe, have in store? Petit-Bourg immediately seduces you with the charm of its residential district of Vernou, where sumptuous Art Deco villas stand, elegant testimonies of the 1950s. By exploring the town's port, you will be transported towards the south, towards the famous Montebello distillery.

Known for its renowned rhum agricole, this site opens its doors to the public from February to July, allowing visitors to delve into the mysteries of the rum-making process. Within easy reach of most of the Guadeloupe rentals offered on our site, well worth exploring if you have the chance to pass through the region. Just 15 kilometers from Pointe-à-Pitre, the capital of Guadeloupe, the town of Petit-Bourg extends majestically from the edge of the Petit Cul-de-Sac Marin to the heights of the Route de la Traversée.

Nicknamed "The Green City", Petit-Bourg is distinguished by its vast forest cover, representing 70% of its surface area. A paradise for hiking enthusiasts, offering scenic trails, refreshing waterfalls and peaceful rivers. The Coin rivers to the north, the Sarcelle to the south, without forgetting the wonders of the Lézarde and Moustique, define the natural borders of this commune with its varied landscapes.

Petit-Bourg, once a prosperous agricultural land producing coffee, cotton, tobacco and cocoa, has evolved to become a reference in the cultivation of yams, pineapples, notably the famous bottle pineapple, bananas, sugar cane and crops food crops.

Although it had up to twenty distilleries in the past, the "Montebello" distillery remains the only one in operation today. In short, whether you are attracted by history, nature or the delights of the distillery, Petit-Bourg offers a rich and diverse experience to any visitor seeking to explore the treasures of Guadeloupe.

Practical infos

Places to visit

  • La cascade aux Écrevisses (Crayfish Waterfall)
  • Le Saut de la Lézarde
  • The beach Viard
  • The Vernou quarter
  • The farm Ti Bou
  • Kassaverie
  • Craft brewery
  • Distillery Montebello
  • The gardens of Valombreuse


  • Canyonnig and hiking
  • Swimming in the river