Gourbeyre - Guide des voyages - Bassin de Dolé
Gourbeyre - Guide des voyages - Bassin de Dolé
Gourbeyre - Guide des voyages - Cimetière



Gourbeyre Basse Terre Guadeloupe: Travel Guide

The commune of Gourbeyre nestled on the island of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe, offers a captivating combination of natural beauty and exceptional nautical facilities. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west, Gourbeyre is home to a renowned marina, the Rivière-Sens marina, also known as the SUD-ANCRAGE marina.

The marina, the jewel of the southern Basse-Terre region, is accessible all year round, offering a strategic position for anchoring. This enclave between sea and mountains is located at the foot of the Caribbean Mountains, offering a breathtaking view of Fort Delgrès and the Soufrière volcano, creating a coastal landscape rich in history.

Its privileged geographical position allows visitors to enjoy a privileged perspective on the passage of intrepid navigators of the legendary “Route du Rhum”. Gourbeyre is renowned for its diversity, with pools, rivers, waterfalls and lush tropical flora that create an ideal setting for magnificent hikes.

The town is easily accessible from our various rental offers in Guadeloupe, providing a perfect opportunity for visitors to discover its treasures. In addition to its natural attractions, Gourbeyre adjoins a black sand beach which seduces visitors and locals with its soothing waters and generous sunshine.

Local vendors add a touch of flavor with their delicious local fruit sorbets and “Snow Balls”, providing a refreshing experience for bathers.

Whether as a stopover for boaters exploring the islands to the north or as a destination in its own right, Gourbeyre embodies the harmonious marriage between the natural charms of Guadeloupe and the modern facilities of its marina, creating a unique experience for visitors to this magnificent Guadeloupean town.

Practical infos

Places to visit

  • Bassin des Amours
  • Bassin de Dolé
  • Bassins Jaunes
  • Marina of Rivière Sens
  • Bassins bleus
  • La cascade aux Écrevisses (The Crayfish Waterfall)
  • Le Saut de la Lézarde
  • The beach Viard
  • Vernou quarter
  • The farm Ti Bou
  • Kassaverie
  • Craft brewery
  • Montebello Distillery
  • The gardens of Valombreuse


  • Canyonnig and hiking
  • Swimming in the river