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Bouillante Basse Terre Guadeloupe - Commune

Bouillante, Aquatic Paradise in the Heart of Guadeloupe

Located on the west coast of Basse-Terre, Bouillante takes its name from the hot water springs that characterize it, creating an unmissable site in Guadeloupe. Popular with diving enthusiasts, the town is home to exceptional seabeds, notably at Malendure and Pigeon Islet, two famous diving spots in the archipelago.

Diving and Wildlife Discovery

Bouillante is the ideal place for diving enthusiasts, offering a multitude of water activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and many others. The Cousteau Reserve, facing Malendure beach, shelters the Pigeon islets and is an essential destination for exploring the extraordinary seabed of the region.

Embark aboard the Nautilus, a glass-bottom boat, for a unique experience allowing everyone to discover the wonders of the seabed from the surface.

Bouillante offers a myriad of water activities, as well as cetacean watching and deep-sea fishing for those looking for thrills.

Bouillante beaches and its Marine Reserve

Malendure beach is a haven for lovers of relaxation, while Anse à Sable, a small beach facing Pigeon islet, nicknamed "priest's bath", allows you to discover hot springs.

The Cousteau Reserve, attached to the Guadeloupe National Park, is a marine nugget that offers protection to underwater ecosystems.

Bouillante, between its hot water springs, its thrilling marine activities and its authentic charm, embodies the aquatic paradise in the heart of Guadeloupe. Whether you are an experienced diver, a lover of relaxation by the sea or a keen marine observer, Bouillante promises a unique experience where nature and adventure combine harmoniously.

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Practical infos

Tourist office

Le Bourg 
Tél : 05 90 98 73 48
Tél : 05 90 98 86 87
Fax : 05 90 98 73 48

Places to visit

  • The hot springs of Bouillante
  • The seabed at the Cousteau Reserve
  • The beach of Malendure and its volcanic sand


  • Diving, snorkeling, kayaking ... at the Cousteau Reserve
  • Discover the seabed with the Nautilus, glass bottom boat
  • Relax at Malendure beach
  • To go by boat to discover the valleys
  • Fishing