Plage de Sainte Claire
Plage de Sainte Claire
Plage de Sainte Claire barques

Sainte Claire beach


Sainte Claire Beach Goyave Guadeloupe: Pictures and description

Sainte-Claire Beach is a stretch of volcanic sand that stands out for its natural beauty and practicality. To get there from BAIE-MAHAULT, take the N1 towards GOYAVE. After passing the “Petite Rivière de Goyave” bridge, turn left after the second intersection onto “Rue Boby Petris”. Then on the left until you reach “Chemin Alfred Janvier” which will take you to Sainte-Claire Beach.

It offers a shaded and well-ventilated setting thanks to the presence of many carbets, offering families the opportunity to picnic and enjoy moments of relaxation in the open air.
The gray sand of Sainte-Claire Beach brings a distinctive touch to the coastal environment, and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the harbor of Pointe-à-Pitre as well as the island of Marie Galante.

Sainte-Claire Beach is one of the largest beaches in the region, and it is also the only beach in the town of Goyave. It is easily accessible, making it a popular place for visitors.

However, St. Clair Beach faces a challenge, as it frequently suffers from an invasion of sargassum algae, sometimes altering the visitor experience. Despite this drawback, the beach retains a natural appeal and preserved wild character.

It should be noted that Guadeloupe offers a variety of beaches, each with its own characteristics, and Sainte-Claire beach fits into this diverse landscape, offering visitors an authentic and natural experience, without the need to add adjectives rewarding to describe its raw charm.

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