Anse de la Perle
Anse de La Perle sable doré
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Anse de La Perle
Anse de La Perle

La Perle beach


La Perle Beach Deshaies Guadeloupe: Pictures and description

La Perle Beach, located between Deshaies and Sainte Rose, is a stretch of fine reddish sand which attracts many visitors looking for relaxation. To get there from LAMENTIN, take the N2 heading north, towards RIFFLET, then turn right in front of the “La Brioche Dorée” pastry shop.

La Perle Beach offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun on almost red sand while enjoying a view of the Kahouane islet, which is a reason for visiting for many vacationers.
There are a few restaurants and bars where you can enjoy local cuisine, including Creole dishes and fresh seafood. You will also find toilet facilities and showers for visitors.

La Perle Beach, bordered by trees which provide a little shade, is a long beach made up of fine yellow sand. It is equipped with tables and benches to facilitate picnics, in addition to a few small restaurants present there.

However, over the years, the width of La Perle Beach has decreased under the influence of marine erosion.

Large waves can occur at certain times of the year, which can make swimming potentially dangerous.
La Perle Beach is located near several of our rentals in Guadeloupe, which you can easily locate using our search tool by municipality.