Plage de l'Autre Bord
Plage de l'Autre Bord cocotier
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L'Autre Bord beach

Le Moule

L'Autre Bord Beach Le Moule Guadeloupe : Pictures and description

L’Autre Bord Beach: A Natural Paradise in Guadeloupe.

If you dream of beaches and crystal clear waters during your stay in Guadeloupe, discover the splendid Beach of L'Autre Bord, nestled in the charming town of the Moule.

This stretch of white sand is a true natural gem that will not fail to seduce you. To get there, follow the N5 towards Le Moule then turn left onto the road to Plage des Alizées, following the signs towards Plage de l’Autre Bord.

Your Oasis of Serenity in Guadeloupe.

L’Autre Bord Beach is an ideal destination for families looking for a corner of paradise where to relax and have fun. Its majestic coconut and grape trees provide perfect shaded areas for family picnics, allowing you to enjoy meals while taking in the stunning ocean views.
Your safety is a priority at L’Autre Bord beach, where lifeguards watch over bathers, allowing you to enjoy the calm waters with complete peace of mind.

Additionally, this beach has amenities to enhance your comfort. Carbets are at your disposal for pleasant picnics, and showers and toilets are available to make your day at the beach more pleasant.
L’Autre Bord beach is all the more special thanks to its proximity to nearby Alizés beach. A picturesque walk along the shore will take you from the Other Side to the Trade Winds, where new adventures and discoveries await you.

Take this opportunity to relax along this beach with our Guadeloupe house rental offers, to appreciate the gentle murmur of the waves and to create unforgettable memories in Guadeloupe. L’Autre Bord beach is a perfect getaway to escape the daily grind and reconnect with the natural beauty of the island.

If the desire to extend your stay and take full advantage of the Plage de l'Autre Bord tempts you, know that multiple Saint François villa rental opportunities are available to you.