Plage de Grande Anse
Plage de Grande Anse - sable doré
Plage de Grande Anse coucher de soleil
Plage de Grande Anse - vue d'ensemble
Plage de Grande Anse

Grande Anse beach


Grande Anse beach Deshaies Guadeloupe: Photos and descripton

The water is almost transparent, the coconut trees line the sandy beach ... Grande Anse beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe. Many restaurants are located right next to this beautiful beach.

Located north of Deshaies, the town is proud to own one of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe. Whatever the location of your vacation rental in Guadeloupe, it is imperative to make at least one stop on this beach!

In the shade of the coconut trees, you can enjoy the magnificent Grande Anse beach, and also its animation with the restaurants offering local cuisine.

But watch out for children who can easily not touch the bottom.