Anse à la Gourde
Anse à la Gourde vue sur la Désirade
Anse à la Gourde lagon
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Anse à la Gourde beach

Saint François

L'Anse à la Gourde is a beach that harmoniously combines the natural beauty of Guadeloupe with a friendly and soothing environment. To get there take the D118 towards Pointe des Châteaux before turning left towards Anse à la Gourde, then left again to access the beach car park.

This is the starting point for your adventure on this unique beach in Guadeloupe, where nature and relaxation come together to create unforgettable memories.
Dotted with almond and manchineel trees, this charming beach exudes an authentic charm and invites you to relax.

L'Anse à la Gourde is a true hidden treasure of Guadeloupe. Protected by the coral reef, it preserves exceptional seabed, offering a unique experience to snorkeling enthusiasts. You will be amazed by the underwater biodiversity that characterizes these crystal clear waters.

Visitors also appreciate the versatility of this beach. It is perfect for a family day, whether for a friendly picnic or a restorative nap in the shade of the grape trees. The undergrowth of Anse à la Gourde is imbued with the warm atmosphere of the Guadeloupeans, immersing you in an authentic experience of the island.

The sea bordering Anse à la Gourde is generally calm thanks to the protection offered by the coral reef. However, it is essential to note the presence of coral rocks at the bottom of the water, which can make swimming sometimes a little more demanding.

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