Plage des Amandiers
Plage des Amandiers sable roux
Plage des Amandiers mer Caraïbe
Plage des Amandiers
Plage des Amandiers

Amandiers beach

Sainte Rose

Amandiers beach Sainte Rose Guadeloupe: Pictures and description

Amandiers Beach, located on the north coast of Basse Terre, offers an excellent relaxing setting. It is characterized by its golden sand. To get there from Le LAMENTIN take the N2 towards PLESSIS NOGENT, when you go along the coast take the first right in front of the starfish restaurant.

Activities and Discoveries

The Amandiers beach is a place of leisure and enhanced by the presence of almond trees which provide shaded areas. Carbets are also present for picnic activities.

The beach is quite accessible and has parking space for visitors. When the tide is low, rocks emerge, but this does not compromise the possibility of swimming in complete safety.

Amandiers Beach is lined with palm trees, which creates a relaxing atmosphere. You can rest in the shade of the palm trees or on deck chairs to enjoy the landscape.
Amandiers beach offers good snorkeling opportunities. You can explore the seabed to observe a variety of mainly corals or tropical fish.
From the beach, you will have a panoramic view of the surrounding area, including the bay of Terre-de-Haut and the nearby Islet à Cabrit.

Almond Beach was also a filming location for the famous series “Murder in Paradise”. A hike from the beach is also possible to Pointe Allègre.
Peacefully enjoy the Plage des Amandiers and its surrounding landscapes. A restaurant is located along the beach to satisfy your appetite.

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