Oyster Pond port
Oyster Pond vue d'ensemble
Oyster Pond marina

Oyster Pond

Oyster Pond

Oyster Pond is a marina that has kept its wild side. This port is located at the bottom of a bay, on the border between the Dutch and French part. The latter has the marina Captain Oliver.

Close to Oyster Pond is Dawn Beach with its resort and its beautiful beach.

Venture to the small wild islets between the mouth of the Embouchure and the Lucas'bay. These wild islets are little frequented and offer beautiful sunsets.

Practical infos

Places to visit

  • The marina of Oyster Pond
  • The border between the French and the Dutch
  • Dawn Beach and Wild Islands


  • Stroll to the marina of Oyster Pond and the border between the French and Dutch side
  • Relax at Dawn Beach
  • Walk to the wild islets opposite Oyster Pond